Thank You Mr. President!

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I work as a computer programmer in Northern Virginia, just outside of our Nation’s Capital.

Every now and then my job requires me to do some work, and at times it can be a great source of frustration (usually when I’m dealing with clients)

Yesterday happened to be one of those days. It was made worse when my hot lunch was turned cold thanks to our President.

I was on my way back to office with my lunch in hand (a usually yummy chicken cheese steak).

As I approached the intersection I noticed a couple of police cars pull-up and block the street.

Two officers got out and began holding both vehicular and Pedestrian traffic in-place. I mean in-place too, you couldn’t even step off the sidewalk, nevermind cross the street.

Although the police weren’t saying anything I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, and sure enough about 10-minutes later the motorcade started to arrive.

It was led off by about a dozen D.C. motorcycle cops and a patrol car. Next came the Secret Service SUV with the fancy antennas. Next came a small cadillac limo (probably the VP). This was followed by another Secret Service SUV. And then came the presidential limo. I’d only seen pictures of it, but this thing looks cool. It’s like the Batmobile, but with bar service.

The President was then followed by another Secret Service SUV, which was followed by some sort of big high-tech equipment truck. The last vehicle in the procession was an ambulance.

So what important mission was our President going on this fine day? Burgers! That’s right, he was in town for lunch at a place called Ray’s Hell Burger.

I haven’t actually been there myself. The owner also has a popular steak place that I’ve been to, and it’s quite excellent.

While it was cool to catch a glimpse of the President and his posse, it delayed my lunch by about 15-minutes, and made an already frustrating day that much more unpleasant.