We are Go for Launch

“With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.”

– Gene Kranz, Apollo 13

The trip is back on! Soon my wife will be on a plane with her friend, and I’ll be home for three days with a pack-filled WoW agenda.

So what’s the plan?

  • My wife leaves on Thursday so that’s pizza night.
  • We have Friday off which means burgers at 5 Guys for lunch.
  • Friday night is 25-man Naxx night one.
  • Saturday afternoon raiding. I can’t remember the last time I hopped in a raid during a Saturday afternoon. Even if it’s just 10-man Naxx it’s still nice.
  • Saturday is steak and Longboard Lager night. I might even eat something green, who knows.
  • Saturday night it’s Ulduar 10-man. We did “loot” Leviathan last week, now it’s time to delve in deeper.
  • Sunday is Brinner followed by 25-man Naxx night two.

I love being married, but it sure is nice to have a few completely independent days every now and then. And yeah I’ll start to miss her by Sunday, be excited to see her on Monday, and wonder when her next trip is by Tuesday. Thus is the circle of life.


  1. I used to watch the TV show Scrubs. It's where I first heard the word.

    Happy Anniversary to you!

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