Hungry Like the Wolf

If you’re a raiding hunter then when patch 3.1 comes out you’re going to want to get yourself a wolf. Euripides over at OutDPS has a nice explanation of why wolves will be the DPS companion for Ulduar.

I myself alluded to this earlier week (see We Had Permission). At any rate if you don’t have a wolf, now is a good time to tame one and get him leveled up before the patch hits.

The good new is that wolves are one of the few high-level pets you can find in the game. You can find wolves ranging in level from 77 – 80 (yes 80!)

The Sentry Worgs found in Icecrown range from level 77 – 78, and the Cave Dweller Worgs found in Stormpeaks range from level 78 – 80.

You can head over to Petopia to view a full list of wolves from level 74 -80. And remember once you start looking at pets below level 76 it doesn’t matter what level they start at, because they will become level 75 once you tame them.

Good Hunting!

(I apologize for any painful 80’s flashbacks this post may have caused).


  1. I got a funny looking one from dun nifelheim. Had to declare war on the sons of hodir briefly, but the wolf was 80, so it saved me a world of grinding.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Wolf + Hunter = Win

    Klinderas = Hunter

    Therefore, Klinderas + Wolf = Win

    Therefore, Klinderas = Win

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