Ready Check

Our guild has been frantically recruiting players so we can run our own 25-man raids. As new players flood in it got me thinking about where I was when I first started raiding in Wrath.

I’m noticing that a lot of these folks seem under-geared for this endeavor. I know we’re at the point where a lot of players have most of their raid gear and it’s much easier to drag someone through to get gear. Still it’s nice to see players who are willing to put in the time and effort to prepare themselves for their first raid encounters. If you’re a hunter that’s new to raiding, here’s a look at the pre-raid gear that I had the first night I stepped into Naxx.

With a little bit of work you can gear yourself outside of the raid so that your initial performance is well within the expected parameters to succeed.

A few other items I picked up shortly after we started were,

With this gear, gems and enchants I was hit capped, had roughly 3400 attack power and my crit was around 29%. It should be noted that I was Beastmastery at the time.

Now this wasn’t the best pre-raid gear available, it’s just what I was able to obtain before it was time for the guild to start raiding.

Now how about Malygos please, guild?