We Almost Didn’t Get This

Our guild has formed an alliance to do 25-man content (I’ll do a post on this later in the week). We joined forces in Heroic Naxxramas and I was fortunate to get my first piece of T7.5

Despite winning the roll, my numbers on the DPS meters raised a few eyebrows and some doubts as to whether or not I needed to get this over others who rolled.

Loatheb is without a doubt my favorite fight in Naxx. The Fungal Creep buff increases my critical strike chance by an additional 50%. With 25-man raid buffs my critical strike chance is usually around 43-46%. With this buff about 99% percent of my shots were critical strikes; for the entire fight!

Although I had such a high crit, I would’ve expected the meters to be a lot closer. The reason for this is as a survival hunter my crit chance is already pretty high, which means my dps doesn’t stand to gain as much from Fungal Creep as some of the other classes. Methinks not everyone was as spore hungry as me.

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  1. Yeah, fury warriors and enhance shamans (etc) can make way more dps from 50% crit than we can 🙁 Survival spec hunters are often already at a point of diminishing returns on crit when they get this buff.


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