They’re Tameable

Okay so here’s the new strategy for the Stone Guard in the Moshu’gan Vaults. Gather three to four Hunters and some healers and get your tame on. In a mere few seconds you will have defeated the Stone Guard by turning them into faithful companions. Note you should only apply this strategy if you don’t care about loot. Also your Hunters might need to be level 93.

I had an opportunity to experience this first fight last night in both LFR and normal. LFR isn’t even worth talking about, other than to say you should run it every week. Normal on the other hand has a lot more going on. For a good strategy you can check out this guide at Marks-365. Also check out the Wow Hunter’s Hall for a variety of Hunter raid videos. We’re still in the learning phase so I’m not able to report a successful kill yet, but I can give you some quick impressions.

All fights require raid awareness, but some require more than others. This fight is in the “more than others” category. In a nutshell this fight involves avoiding stuff on the ground, switching targets and DPS’ing on the move.

At some point in the fight you’ll get chained to another player, and you’ll have to stick with your partner for a long as you’re chained. You will need to stack together and move together as a unit. You will learn a lot about your fellow players’ raid habits from this mechanic.

You’ll see who likes to move around whether it’s necessary or not. You’ll see who is fast at reacting to stuff on the ground and who is not. You’ll discover who likes to zig and who likes to zag, and you’ll learn to hate blink if tethered to a Mage. You won’t hate the Mage’s DPS unless you’re hoping to compete with them.

I think the jury is still out on where Hunter DPS stands, but I’m going to say that single target DPS seems a bit on the low side compared to other classes; I ran as Survival by the way. Now that raiding is in full swing you can expect Blizzard to start tweaking the classes. Let’s hope that Hunters are recipients of buffs and not nerfs.

It’s nice to be raiding fresh content again and despite the wipes I like this first encounter. Have you started raiding yet? Killed any bosses and what are your impressions about Hunter DPS?