The Elegon in the Room

Last week our raid team finally pulled it together and defeated Elegon (10). We had been struggling with him for the better part of two raid lockouts, and frankly, we were getting sick of wiping on him.

Elegon is without a doubt one of the toughest fights this tier and the first real stumbling block that most guilds will encounter. I did a little checking and I’ve put in 64 attempts on this boss, which is at least 20 more than any other boss I’ve faced. After defeating him we then two-shot Will of the Emperor and then three-shot Imperial Vizier Zor’lok.

The next night we got Blade Lord to 3% on our best attempt, so it won’t be long before we’re working on Garalon. If you’re struggling on Elegon, take heart, for once you clear him you may find a few easy victories to follow.

Defeating Elegon requires everything to go right, and everyone needs to do their job without exception. There just isn’t a lot of room for error and smallest mistake will cause a wipe. As far as Hunters are concerned it’s not a difficult fight to learn, but mastering it is another story. Here are a few things I recommend for this encounter.

  • Take advantage of the sweet spot. There is an area right on edge of the platform where you can get the buff and clear your stacks just by jumping. It’s critical that you take advantage of this. It saves you from having to move, and when the floor drops you won’t fall down, which means you can get some buffed DPS time on your pillar.
  • Use Fervor. Some guides recommend Thrill of the Hunt for the orb phase. Thrill of the Hunt is very effective, but so is Fervor. I like Fervor for the on-demand focus it provides. Having this control not only works in the orb phase, but is beneficial to you throughout the fight.
  • Binding Shot. Okay so I forgot to spec this for our kill, but it was recommended by Rogerbrown from Method. Binding Shot is useful on the adds that spawn during the pillar phase. I plan to try it next time I raid.
  • Deterrence and Glyph of Deterrence can help mitigate damage from the exploding orbs and Celestial Protectors.

Elegaon is tough fight, and I think it’s a fun fight, and it drops one of the coolest mounts in the game. I suspect folks will be defeating him for quite some time this expansion. I’m certainly wiling to defeat him once a week for that mount.

Finally, our guild is recruiting raiders for our two 10-man raid teams. Group one run raids four nights a week (Tue-Fri, 8-11 PM EST), and Group two raids two nights a week (Tue/Wed 8-11 PM  EST). Alas we have plenty of hunters but could use some melee DPS (Rogue or Fury Warrior or Monk), and both groups could use a healer (Disc. priest, Monk or Pally). Those classes are just what we’d prefer, but we’ll gladly accept anyone willing to put in the time and effort to progress. Our goal is to clear normal modes and the move into heroics. If you’re interested please shoot me an e-mail at and we can talk further.

It’s About The People

This week I had as much fun raiding as I’ve had in a long time. There was no new content added to the game, no bug fixes, and no increase in buffs. Blizzard didn’t change a thing about the game itself, and yet this week as a lot more fun.

Our guild was fortunate to get an influx of players from another guild, and our 25-man raid team was bolstered substantially. The players were from a guild that I was part of briefly during Wrath. They’re a tight-knit, fun bunch of folks, and frankly, I was shocked that they would disband their guild and join us. These guys are real-life friends who’ve been playing MMOs together since Everquest. They decided to make the move because they were having issues filing their 10-mans and wanted to be part of a bigger group so that they could raid more consistently.

With the new folks on board we proceeded to clear Dragon Soul in 25-man normal and will probably start looking at hard modes. Previously our best 25-man progress was Ultraxion. That’s three progression bosses in one week.

I think we sometimes forget just how social MMOs are, and that the people we surround ourselves with impact our enjoyment of the game more than any new content the developers can create.

I haven’t guild hopped much on this realm, and when I did make moves, I made a point not burn bridges, and that has paid off. In fact, when I look at our guild roster I see players from every guild that I’ve been in on this realm.

So as this expansion winds down, and you find yourself bored or not having as much fun as you’d like, ask yourself, is it the content or the company you keep?

And with that I leave you with a couple of images from our raid this week.

Despite the influx of new players we continued to do things in typical Bucket List fashion. The first image is from our Spine of Deathwing kill. It’s very early in the fight, and if you look closely you’ll see we’re down one hunter who managed to disengage off Deathwing’s back. He did this on our first Ragnaros kill as well. We view it as a sign of good luck.

The next image is of our Deathwing kill. It’s a long fight and we already had three wipes, two in which we had him at 5%. It was almost assuredly going to be fourth wipe, this time at 1%. With only our bear tank alive, he had the wherewithal to switch to cat form, and was able to pull the damage necessary to bring him down. It was quite the surprise to see the the Destroyer’s End achivement pop-up. Not the prettiest kill, but that’s just how we roll sometimes.