Episode 208: Happy New Year

DarkbrewDeliriumBendak and Alisaunder ring in 2015 with episode 208. This week we discuss Survival’s continued rise in popularity. We tell you whether or not it’s advantageous to use Explosive Trap in single target situations. We also give you some tips on how ensure success on those lucrative Highmaul follower missions.

Artemishowl and Solarflair were out this week, but we’ll try and get the entire gang back for Episode 209 on January 18th.
Happy New Year!

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Episode 207: Spec Parity


Episode 207: Spec Parity

This week Darkbrew, Solarflair and Delirium discuss the latest round of Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Survival changes. We’ll tell you how the specs stack up against one another, as well as cover their strengths and weakness. We also talk talents and secondary stats.

Also this week, Solarfliar soloed both Galleon and Oondasta. We talk about that, and for those interested in hunting the Mists of Pandari mount bosses, you can check out Solar’s Hunter Handbook to Mists of Pandaria: Solo Guide for Mounts at the Warcraft Hunters Union.

Our next show is schedule for January 4th, 2015. See you next year, and thanks for listening!

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

Episode 207: Spec Parity


Episode 203: Meet DillyPoo

This week we discuss PvP with arena tournament Hunter DillyPoo. We discuss what it’s like to play arena as a Hunter, what Hunter PvP will look like in Warlords of Draenor, how you can get started in PvP.

We also discuss the latest round of Hunter buffs, and answer some listener questions.

If you want more from DillyPoo, you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch.tv.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

Thanks for listening!

Episode 203: Meet DillyPoo


Episode 202: Sim City

Patch 6.0 is here and Darkbrew, Solarflair, Artemishowl, Delirium and Bendak have you covered with everything you need to know.

This week we discuss which specs, talents and glyphs you’ll want if you plan to raid Seige of Orgrimmar in 6.0. We also talk about which specs and talents are coming out on top at level 100.

We answer lots of listener questions covering a variety of topics including trinkets, pets and buffs, glyphs, and professions.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

Special thanks to Slugslinger for creating the podcast image used in this post.

Episode 202: Sim City


The Hunting Party Podcast is Back!

That’s right folks, the Hunting Party Podcast is coming back, and with a vengeance.

Frostheim, Euripides, and Arth remain happily retired, so we’ve assembled a whole new crew to bring you the latest Hunter news, theorycrafting, raiding tips and more.

This next generation of hosts is nothing short of amazing, I have no doubt that the second iteration of the podcast will be every bit as good as the first.

Hosting the show will be myself, Artemishowl, Solar, and Delirium. We are also in negotiations with Bendak as a possible fifth host. At the very least he’ll be active in the chatroom along with everyone’s favorite moderator – Alisaunder!

Synthparadox will also return to handle all of the technical aspects of the show including broadcasting and editing.

There are a few other changes to the show. First we will not be broadcasting every week. It will be every other week.

Also, the day, time and location have all changed. The show will be broadcast on Sundays at 10:00 am Eastern on Twitch TV.

And with that, Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 201 airs on Sunday, September 28, 2014, 10:00 am Eastern at http://twitch.tv/huntingpartypodcast.

See you there!

Episode 200: The End

This is it, the final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast. The show was four hours long, so I decided to break it up into four one-hour segments.

The final episode is everything you’ve come to expect from the Hunting Party. Amazing guests, strong and varying opinions about Hunters, jokes, and of course the drinking game.

Appearing on this final episode are,

  • Frostheim – formerly of the WHU and Scattered Shots.
  • Euripides – fomerly of OutDPS, Call to Auction and Gold Capped.
  • Darkbrew – from the Brew Hall.
  • Alisaunder – from the Hunting Party Podcast.
  • Synthparadox – from the Hunting Part Podcast and Call to Auction.
  • BigRedKitty – The Godfather of Wow/Hunter blogging.
  • Zeherah – Creator of Female Dwarf.
  • Michele Morrow – Actress, gamer extraordinaire.
  • RogerBrown – Hunter from Method.
  • Banya – Real-life zookeeper and creator of Wow Biology 101.
  • Matt Mercer – Voice over actor. Credits include Rexxar in Hearthstone, Norushen, General Vezax and more.
  • Critho – from the World of Warcraft Community Team.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Direct Downloads

Podcast Wrap-Up

What a great sendoff! The guests, the listeners, it was all amazing. In all we recorded 5 and a 1/2 hours of show and postshow, and I will push all of it to iTunes. What I’m going to do is break the main show into four one hour parts, and then I’ll keep the post show in it’s entirety. My hope is to start working on this today.

While I wait for the files to download, I wanted to express my thanks to Michele Morrow, RogerBrown, Crithto, Matt Mercer, Banya, Zeherah, BigRedKitty, and of course to Frostheim, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder, and Synthparadox. Episode 200 was by far the biggest and best show we’ve ever done. We went out on top.

Okay, that’s enough gushing. It’s backing to playing to WoW. A lot has been happening. You know that guild that Euripides and I started? Well, I’ve pulled Darkbrew from it. I’ve moved him into a guild where I can raid. We just cleared SoO normal and have started heroics. I’ve also leveled a couple of new Hunters. I’ll write about all of this in the coming days and weeks.

Well, the files are downloaded, and I’ve got some editing to do.

Stay thirsty my friends, and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager.

Podcast Week: The Drinking Game

We’ve always been a Dwarf friendly podcast, and if there’s one thing Dwarfs are good at it’s drinking. It’s only fitting that the podcast have a drinking game. Now the game wasn’t conceived by us. Long-time listener Bozanimal came up with the rules. Bozanimal no longer plays WoW, but as the years have gone by we’ve attempted to the keep the rules up to date. This latest incarnation has some nice additions from Arth.

My pints are cooling in the fridge are yours? See you all tomorrow!

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game!
Note that “If” is a one-time only drink. “Whenever” is a drink for EACH occurrence.


  • Whenever a host screws up/ misses their line(s) and/or is reminded by a co-host
  • Whenever a host complains about Hunter PvP
  • Whenever a host says, “Darkbrew Lager” (Darkbrew alone doesn’t count)
  • Whenever technical issues of any type occur
  • Whenever a show host is interrupted by real-life for any reason (e.g. kids, internet connection, girlfriend, fire)
  • Whenever a listener uses the word, “viable” or “optimal” in their question
  • Whenever a listener username is read that pokes fun at a show host
  • Whenever a question or reader email is answered by the chatroom rather than a host


  • …for each HPP running gag: Frostheim’s hairy wrists, Canadian jokes, Euripides’ hot sister, Feral Druids, Darkbrew’s Amazing Rare Spawn Tames, How OP Warlocks are, and Sporebats
  • If the show ends on time (impossible for this episode).
  • If the Auction House is referred to as the meta-game.
  • If you clear the mailbox of reader questions within the regular show time
  • If all the show hosts remain connected until the break
  • If all the show hosts remain connected from intro to outtro
  • If all five show hosts are in attendance (Darkbrew, Frost, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder)
  • If Frostheim makes someone notably uncomfortable (e.g. “I’d totally tame you, Dawn!”)
  • If Euripides is accused of having certain inappropriate feelings towards Feral Druids
  • If anyone refers to the show notes during the show (e.g. “I’m just reading what’s in the show notes.”)


  • If a news announcement includes a new in-game item, NPC, or achievement named after a hunter community member
  • If a real-life injury is sustained by a show host during the show, including the break
  • If you realize that the show is not being recorded
  • If your question or email are read-aloud on the show (listeners only)
  • If Darkbrew is given half the crap Frostheim and Euripides give one another

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game (Ep. 200 Addendum)!


  • Whenever Michele talks about out-drinking Frost (limit 3)
  • Whenever BRK talks about how it was “in his day” (limit 3)
  • Whenever Arth mentions Pet Tanking (limit 3)
  • Whenever Frostheim says “Semi-colon however comma” or enunciates punctuation in a similar manner (limit 3)
  • Whenever Euri talks about being a train conductor (limit 3). Add a second swig if moose are mentioned in the anecdote by any host.
  • Whenever Alisaunder shoehorns lore into a topic having nothing to do with lore (limit 3)
  • Whenever Zeherah corrects us with actual math (limit 3)

HPP 200 Details (Courtesy of the WHU)

I didn’t have time to prepare anything for today, so I’m totally stealing THIS post from the WHU. Wouldn’t be the first time, but sadly, it’s probably the last. Thanks Arth!




This Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, 2PM EST.

In alphabetical order…

Alisaunder: Long-time moderator of the Hunting Party Podcast (HPP), Ali’s technical expertise along with her knowledge of hunters and WoW lore has made her an excellent co-host who helps ensure that each show flows smoothly.

Arth: A frequent guest blogger on the Warcraft Hunter’s Union until Frostheim’s retirement, at which point Arth took over as lead blogger. He is also currently a host of the HPP. He originally made a name for himself in the hunter world with a series of pet tanking accomplishments, where he tanked several heroic dungeons and raid bosses throughout Wrath and Cata, including the world first pet tanking of Sindragosa. Arth also led the WHU all-hunter raids in Cataclysm.

BigRedKitty: Often referred to as the father (or grandfather!) of hunter bloggers, BRK was perhaps the biggest name in hunter and WoW blogging for much of vanilla, BC, and into Wrath. He is also credited with starting one of the first successful WoW podcasts, which he hosted himself.

Darkbrew: One of the original hosts of the HPP, and the only to be a host for its full tenure. He runs The Brewhall website, and has an in-game drink named after him – Darkbrew Lager – that has been incorporated into his website since its inception.

Euripides: One of the original hosts of the HPP, Euripides used to run the website OutDPS. He was also a blogger for WoW Insider, primarily on the WoW economy and auction house, and briefly hosted the Call to Auction podcast that focused on the auction house in WoW.

Frostheim: Creator of the Warcraft Hunters Union, Frostheim also wrote the Scattered Shots hunter column on WoW Insider for many years, and was a frequent guest and eventual host on the HPP. Frostheim is also the creator of the WHU all-dwarven-hunter guild, whose events and achievements are the stuff of legend.

Michele Morrow: Actress and gamer, Michele has her hand in numerous creative projects in movies, TV, online blogging and gaming. She is a frequent guest of the podcast.

Zeherah: A staple of the theorycrafting community, Zeherah is the creator of femaledwarf.com, a website that acts as a comprehensive tool for calculating dps based off of different gear, spec, rotations, and character settings. Her work has helped legions of hunters maximize their dps. She was also the guest on the very first Hunting Party Podcast, and at 9 appearances is the podcast’s most frequent guest.

Others?: As many as four other guests may make cameo appearances, including a mix of past podcast guests and a couple who have worked directly with WoW for Blizzard. Though at present I can’t confirm any of them, it’s likely we’ll see at least a couple surprises.

In-Game Event
Icecrown Server. We’ll begin gathering at 1PM EST, an hour before the show starts (11am Icecrown server time). Meetup place is at Kharanos, which is close enough to the dwarven starting zone that if you don’t have a toon in the WHU Guild, you can make one and run there.

For the most part, we’ll just be having fun…BSing and partying and chatting. Bring your fireworks, your brew kegs, your toys, etc.

HOWEVER. If we get enough people with max-level, geared toons, including cross-server hunters, we may organize a group to go kill something later during the podcast. No promises here; we’re playing it by ear. But be ready.